Manual link building is something done by hand rather than by automated processes. Automated link building is considered “black hat” by Google. Manual link building can still use shady tactics, though, so “manual” doesn’t automatically mean “good.” If you can earn backlinks with good content, that is better.

White-hat link building obtains backlinks using methods that are within Google’s guidelines. Black-hat link building, on the other hand, builds backlinks that are artificial and against these guidelines. White-hat link building is what everyone wants and many claim to offer, but it is rarely seen.

There are a few methods of getting backlinks, but most are black-hat. The advice that we would give is to create great content that can earn backlinks from other sites. Anything you do to get backlinks that is artificial is not recommended.

Depending on who you ask, the process will be different. At RFL, we will analyze your current site to see what is “linkable,” and we will recommend many more things you can add to make your site more linkable. Then, we will promote the content that is worthy of links.

A great place to find linking opportunities is to study your competitors’ backlinks to see who’s linking to them. Also, you can look for content that the competitors have that appears to be valuable, then create that type of content for your site, ideally making yours better than theirs.

Unless you’re an expert in SEO, I wouldn’t try to manage this process. Hire Reach For Links and we can handle it for you: We’ve been doing this since 2013. If you don’t want the stress of managing a link building campaign yourself, we’re here to help.

Most of the common strategies for obtaining backlinks are cheap and unsafe. The best-case scenario is that Google won’t count those links; the worst-case scenario is that Google will penalize your site. In order to earn trusted, high-quality backlinks, you need a great content strategy, one that can earn natural backlinks.

Often, when people have created content that they feel others could benefit from, they will email those people to ask them to link to their site. This can be a workable approach, but more often that not, this is done in an automatic way and in bulk, which just makes you look like a spammer.

“Content marketing” is a more acceptable phrase in the SEO industry because these days, good SEOs will be promoting content instead of doing the formerly common service of “link building,” which can easily be done badly and get your site in trouble. Both approaches have similar end goals, but they use different tactics to reach those goals.

There’s no software that we recommend for link building. But if you want to analyze the backlinks to your site or to your competitors’ websites, which can help you with your link building efforts, then you can use the Ninja Backlink Tool. This tool gathers link data from Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and your analytics.

At Reach for Links, we help clients to create great content that is link-worthy, then work to promote that content to people and places that could benefit from it. With our white-hat approach, we can earn good links for your site.

The number of links acquired depends on our order structure. The more outreach order allocated, the more links we will acquire each month. Some clients pay us for as little as 5 links per month, others for as much as 50.

We do NOT pay for links directly – we never exchange emails saying “we will pay for links on your site”. However, there are a number of times where payment may be required for things like content or a sponsorship fee for a blogger. We present these opportunities to you and give you our guidance on which we feel are the best suited for your website.