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A link developed from one web resource commonly called referer to the other is known as a
referent. Other names that are used for backlinks are incoming links and inbound links.
Backlinks are an extremely significant aspect of SEO as they present a vote of confidence
from one web resource to the other. Backlinks are known as signals to the search engine.
They are worth surfacing on search engine results pages SERPs.


Content that is designed determinedly to rank on top of Google and using power pages you
get powerful backlinks that help in enhancing the prominence of our content. The valued
pages contain keywords and target the audience directly.

SEO power page is the main foundational element of content for the website. It is holding up
your whole strategy.
SEO power page process is described as:
1. Creation of SEO power page and make sure that it is SEO friendly and very user
friendly. It should be the first option to go with whenever using in portfolios or
2. The most important step is backlinks generation. If your content is very good and
worth searching for, your work becomes trouble-free, will discuss backlink generation
further in detail.
3. Create other content and start internal links splicing into the SEO power page.


It is simple that you are mainly focusing your efforts on one big page. You can generate the
backlink and it eventually spreads around.
So we are going to discuss a step-to-step creation of an SEO good power page.
Here you have to zoom in on the details and must look into the step-by-step knowledge of
how the whole procedure is set into action.
Recognition of your main target:
First of all, the most important step is to recognize and spot your core point. There are
two most important parts of focusing.
First of all, look for your target audience. Look into the details of what your people are
wanting and what they are looking for. If you are hunting for the best results make it more
specific. Like if you are targeting people with a specific point of view, pick a specific age
group or specific gender.

It will help you a lot in making the best power page ranking.
Secondly, with your targeted reader and audience, also specifies the theme and idea
you want to implement in the form of content.
This not specifically should be an exact matching. But it is considered important for
engaging the targeted audience.
Rather than making huge content and adding massive information, try to make it more
planned and organised.
Proper keyword research.
So after you have known your target audience and what type of content you will be
making now you can focus on keyword research. Nowadays we won't be trying to stuff
all the famous keywords instead we will be looking forward to semantic keywords that
can be used in your content.
We will use specific tools for searching for keywords across according to our needs and
The best preference is to find keywords that get some monthly searches but they should
have lower. density. You can find them on your power page and find the best result. This
will help you to get a chance of ranking. So individually these keyboards don't have much
search volume but they add up for example 1500, 1200, and 200 searches in total, you get
2900 searches one month and once you find a way to rank please word that's very enough
search volume to enhance and widen your business.
Make competitive research for your content
Next clue you are going to make research about the content that is already present for that
topic or subject and what you are going to write about it next. this will give you a clear
view that what you are going to write about it. This will make your content unique and
worth searching for.
Now the question arises not how you are going to analyse what are you going to write.
The answer is you will be searching your keyboard in Google and then you will study all
the outcomes and then you will know what gap exists but you are going to fill.
So you are not giving any chance to any blogger to link your writing.
Make a perfect content
After your research is completed most of your work is done. To develop strong content,
you must be focusing on the following elements.
1. Most important in the content is quality rather than quantity. So the most
important than length is the quality of the work. but sometimes quantity along
with quantity is also significant.
2. Our content should be deep but it should be very easy for the audience to
understand. It should be coherent cohesive and relevant.
3. Make short paragraphs, include a subheading, add bullet points and a numbered
list. The content should be presentable.

4. Add images graphs charts videos and relevant useful tools. This will help to
engage the readers and the quality of the content will be improved.
5. The content should be useful. it should add to the information of the reader and
help him with what he is searching for.

 Natural link profile building
After the content is planned created overviewed and finally published the next step is
where the link building comes. We have many choices like broken link building or using
outreach. the main goal is to generate how domain authority backlinks. These backlinks
will help to jump-start your struggle.
Here you should make sure that you're not taking any links that look irrelevant or
Dividing the related content into pieces
In this step, you break your power page into two three or four different topics that can
make separate block content.
For instance, if you wrote about what to wear for an interview, you can break that into in
new blog having a 1000-word post on how to get ready for an interview or how to
impress in an interview. Take a chunk and make it a whole.
Including internal links in your power page
After the publication of your Small pieces of content, copy their URLs and internally link
them on your power page. then once your power page gets an SEO value and
prominence, it will also buy some value to other blog content.
it is like a spider web whose centre is your SCO power page end of the web contains all
the side blog content that was connected to the centre with the strings. These strings
connecting the whole web are the backlinks.
 Promote your power page:
Once everything is ready now you have to promote it. Hence your results by sharing them
on social media, different forums or emails.
Analyse and review that data and read all the comments so you will be able to define the
power page that will help you get maximum impact.
This will help to generate powerful backlinks. The more the power page will grow the
more readers will get access to your backlinks.
Everything has pons and cons. While hunting for anything we must study its dangerous
aspects as well. So here are a few advantages, as well as disadvantages of backlinks are
discussed: –
1. Improvement in ranking:

The biggest advantage that can be listed here is the improvement in the ranking of a
website. As more sites are linked, there is a more chance to upgrade your page in the
search engines.
2. Increase in visibility and traffic
Because of links to many sites, there will be a huge increase in several people visiting
your pages.
3. Easy to generate
If you have a basic knowledge of back linking you can easily do this task. You need
not be an expert in SEO or computer handling. This is a very worthy point of
1. A penalty from Google:
Low-quality links and the use of excessive links can lead to a decrease in the search as
Google will impose a penalty.
This is considered the biggest disadvantage of using excessive backlinks. So it must
be considered while going through the process.
2. Poor Content:
Make sure that the content you are writing should be optimised and worth reading.
There will be more people visiting the sites and opening links when they will find the
needed content of the best quality.
3. Poor quality websites
There should not be a lot of website links on the power page. And links should be
from high-quality websites. In case of getting links to low-quality websites, Google
will impose a penalty.
So if one wants to be a prosperous blogger he must focus on creating the best and quality
work rather than just getting the work done in hurry and creating low-quality content that
will affect the outcomes. Don’t rush, have patience and wait for your time to come. The
major mistake people make is haste in this regard. So for a successful power page, you
should take your time and make it right.
Q1: What is the safe number of backlinks to be generated in a day?
Ans: you can create 01 or 500 links a day but as long as they are created safely.
Q2: how many backlinks are needed?
Ans: it depends upon the difficulty level of your keywords. The more difficult keywords the
more backlinks are needed.
Q3: How long do backlinks take to work?

Ans: A single backlink needs about 9 to 10 weeks to rank your page on Google.

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