Why Relevancy is the most important in SEO Link Building?

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SEO Link Building

When you are planning for a creative SEO approach, you can’t overlook backlinking. Most SEO experts believe backlinks should be the foundation for any SEO approach. If not, you will fail to rank your site at the top position of the Google search engine.

However, you want to ask yourself an important question: are you using relevant backlinks in your website that matches your website niche? Piling up your websites with irrelevant, unauthoritative, and spamming SEO links won’t let you reach a top position in the Google search engine.

What is Link Building?

The act of gaining links to your site is known as link building. Generally, internet users wander around in particular web pages through links.

Particular web pages are crawled by search engines by using links. You can increase your website authority as well as traffic by including high-quality backlinks.

Speaking truthfully, if you want to build SEO links naturally, it takes a lot of time and is not an easy job. However, many people go the wrong way to have links. This may lead to site penalties. At worst, your site might be banned from the Google search engine.

Choosing the right and authentic ways is better for building high-quality SEO links. It ensures no site penalty and no ban from the search engine. Though it takes time, your efforts will be valued.

Why Relevant Links Important For Link Building?

Google always prefers relevancy and engagements. Adding relevant and authoritative backlinks makes your overall site authentic. As a result, your content will be ranked higher on top pages by Google. This is particularly advantageous when you have created your website recently. The inclusion of high-quality and relevant SEO links raises the authenticity of the site.

You can compare with it a building. If you want to build a solid and high-performing building, you can’t ignore the importance of solid foundations for buildings. Otherwise, it won’t hold up the house well. The same goes for a new website too.

Choosing high-quality backlinks for your new website makes your website relevant to your niches and stands out from another new website. As a result, you have more chance to rank than others who add non-relevant SEO links.

So, what to do next after including some high-quality backlinks for your website? It’s time to include some preemptive links to make a better combination with other links. It is advantageous if your website doesn’t have a narrow niche.

You must be wondering what preemptive links is? Right? Preemptive links are those links you add on a particular webpage of your site to rank a specific keyword. For example, running a gardening company in the flower niche, you can still add fruits and medicinal trees.

You are not bound to include precisely matched niches. Instead, add niches that can be used as sub-niches or almost related to your niches. Doing this makes a better co-relation with all the relevant blog posts.

However, you don’t want to add utterly irrelevant SEO links and irrelevant keywords to your website. For example, you own a gardening website. Adding any outdoor gear niche links is entirely impractical.

The more relevant SEO links you add, the more authoritative your site will become. Your site will be optimized. You can add several types of keywords on your website as long as it is relevant. In fact, they may rank them on the top pages of Google, which you may not have thought of in the past.

Many site owners think that they should add keywords and backlinks that are relevant to their domain name. However, they forget that choosing the right keyword and how many competitors you have for the specific keywords are also important.

According to top SEO experts, everyone should select backlinks for two purposes:

·        Make your website authoritative

·        Go for niche-specific keywords to rank higher

However, domain relevance is an essential factor that no one can ignore. All the keywords and SEO links you choose are supposed to be directly or indirectly connected to your domain name. Adding wholly different and irrelevant backlinks repeatedly on your site may put your site at risk. In fact, Google may give a manual penalty for violating the rules several times.

Hence, you now know how important it is to post relevant SEO links on your website. Choose backlinks that not only boost your site traffic but also increase your site authenticity and relevancy to Google. Along with other vital factors, you have chances to rank at the top 3 positions on the Google first page. All we want is to convert our visitors into customers.

Which is more important, Between Authority & Relevancy?

When a website recommends your link on its site, it increases your site authority. Goggle algorithms take it as a positive inspect and think the information your share on your website is credible and authentic.

You share a lot of backlinks in your site, and Google algorithms go for deep analysis to check how much optimized your site is and how relevant backlinks you included. The more related backlinks you add, the higher will be your brand reputation.

Hence, getting backlinks from relevant and related website niches increases your credibility to Google. It is an organic approach.

Either you have to go for fully related backlinks or closely related backlinks. This makes you a specialist. Google finds the information you share on your website has high credibility.

Hence, authority and relevancy are closely related. When you focus on relevancy, your website authority increases automatically. So, we can conclude that both relevancy and authority are equally important.

How to Improve Link Relevancy?

Link exchanging between sites is one of the common prohibited things as per Google rules and regulations. Doing this will put your site at risk of penalizing.

According to top SEO experts, add more high-quality, relevant, and non-spamming backlinks. This will make your website more popular as you include unique and relevant content.

Outreach to Relevant Sites

Before adding SEO links to your website, research your competitors in a similar niche to see which type of links they have included. It will be helpful to build more relevant links as per your niche.

However, you can’t overlook the domain relevancy too. Your website will be more authoritative if its domain authority is high. Using irrelevant and spammy links will decrease your site Domain authority. At worst, your site will have penalties from Google.

Create Useful Content

Who wouldn’t love to get recommendations naturally? When you write helpful and more engaging content, readers like your content. They trust your content and may include the link on their websites.

So, what is the definition of useful content? A blog post will be helpful if you can answer some specific queries for your readers and solve their real-life problems. Creating high-quality content works like cost-free promotions. More readers will share. It helps you to grow fast.

Anchor Text

When you include a link on your website, it has a blue color or underlined text. It is clickable. You go for another page once you click on it.

Instead of including the full keyword, we often include some portion of the keyword on the clickable text. Visitors often get confused, which link they are shifting after clicking on it.

More importantly, Google’s algorithm faces difficulty in finding the relevancy between the web pages. But when you include the full keyword, it allows Google to find a correlation between them easily. Thus, it improves link relevancy.

3 Best Ways to Get Your Site Linked To Others

1. High-quality Content

Content is the king! Creating high-quality and unique content is extremely important to bring traffic to your site. Readers will promote your content if they find the content is helpful. You can utilize various social platforms and email marketing to reach more people.

2. Recommendation from Partners

Building links appear accessible if you ask for recommendations from your partners and friends. Linking your website to theirs is what they will do. However, make sure they are recommending your particular site links from similar niches. Avoid recommending irrelevant links. Otherwise, you know the consequences.

3. Recommendation from Dominator

Every niche has some dominators, who consistently rank top pages of Google. You can ask for reviews and references from them. As they have increased DA, visitors trust them. You have a high chance of having increased traffic on your website.

Why Use Only Reliable SEO Link Building Ways?

Google’s algorithm has become so practical that it can easily detect low-quality and spamming SEO links. You may have success from low-quality and manipulative links for a short time.

Once the search engine goes into detail to track your activities, you are in a trap. There is nothing that goes back unless you look for practical ways to include high-quality and relevant backlinks.

Faking real and being real is not the same. After all, actual identification gets exposed after a particular time. It is essential to choose authentic approaches if you want long-term success.

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