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What are linkable assets?
Linkable assets are the superior pieces of your writing that helps to captivate backlinks as they include content people want to see and it is worth sharing and audience link back to.
They are the important part of SEO and play a significant role in back linking that is a very clever tactic in the high ranking of our website on Google.
Nowadays the common mistake people make is to make mediocre content that is not linking-worthy.
To create some linkable content that is worth sharing and catchy, people must focus on their quality of work.
Why do people link to each other?
Linking is essential for an increase in the traffic and visibility of your website. To upgrade the ranking of the website you will be needing good content that helps you to link to others which is a key factor in gaining rank on Google.
Linking plays a key role in ensuring the steady flow of visitors to your page.
How to create linkable assets?
Let’s look at the process of how you can create your linkable assets for a blog or website.
Five step process is discussed below.

  1. Understand your people and audience
    It is very important to know what your audience wants to read and what will attract the people on your site. We will look for content that people find more interesting and it is one of the common mistakes that people make with their content that they ignore the importance of their audience.
    A few reasons why a content becomes link-worthy are:
  • It should answer every question of the visitor
  • It should be the way that it can be used as a reference
  • The information present in it should be easy to understandThere should be a proper link between what you are posting and what you are connecting with. A proper coherence of idea is required. There must be a proper presentation of your work and it should contain tables, images and graphs. Here we have discussed an example what will help you understand the whole process.
    For instance, notice the top pages for Venngage according to the backlinks.

The source we are using here is Ahref.
So by this example it can be concluded that by creating these type of contents will help you gain success while audience will give positive response by sharing the link or linking back to the source from the blog.
Also, we should consider that, what works for a marketing agency might not work for another type of business. So it is your responsibility to find out what works best in your niche.

2.Search intent identification
The most critical step in the creation of linkable asset is the identification of search intent.
For instance, you are creating a linkable asset for the term research proposal. So first of all what you need is a SERP analysis. As you can see the top results and they probably will give deep guidance that will cover each and every aspect of the term research proposal. This example should help you to understand that what is the importance of creating the content relevant too that keyword. Now you can create the linkable exit after you have identified the search intent for a particular topic that you need to cover.
3.Formation of a characteristic content

After looking into what makes a good content, you will create it. A content that will attract more links. You shall focus on the quality of the content rather than the quantity of the content. You have to work very hard in order to create a content that truly stands out.
Here you can take help of some content creation softwares that will make the content more satisfactory than your competition.
Here take an example of Webris, a marketing agency and looked into its content that gets many links from different referring domains. It is because it covers all the important points of a subject technical SEO audit.


The content provided in these links is very detailed and this satisfies the audience that they will come across every piece of information and guidance that is needed about this subject. We have created the linkable assets for free links by performing simple steps but it requires time, expertise, and patience.
Amplification of linkable assets
Proper content is created, you have to put effort to get your work discovered by the audience and get these targets to link back and share it online.
You can expose your linkable assets by social media and enter mot ING within your audience. The amplification is heavily important to build a remarkable linkable asset. The amplification may be the result of a single link or a single tweet to get it to spark out.
See the effectiveness of the efforts you made
After the creation of a link-worthy asset, you have to try your level best for its promotion and now it’s time to measure your progress.
For our content piece we use post value ratio in order to get an effective measure of our progress.

Why is content extremely significant for building links?

All that is important is the quality of the content. You will see that how well organized the content is, and how competent it will be to attract backlinks of high quality for free and easily.
Publishing content on a regular basis gives an opportunity to gain links. It can be very important for your business if you see the content as important sport off link building strategy. Once you get the links they will help promote your content and as a result it will boost up your ranking in SERPS.
Characteristics of a Linkable asset:
Linkable assets are very important and it refers to the piece of content that have the ability to acquired many backlinks and for gaining the links you should be ensured of the fact that the content you are creating is very valuable for the readers and give each and every information as per readers’ need. A few important characteristics of linkable assets are discussed below

  • Your linkable assets should be focused to your audience not to the brand. Webmaster don’t link to content that look like an advertisement.
  • The assets should be deep enough and well researched for earning links. So the data should be long enough to cover all the topics of that subject.
  • You should focus on creating content that answers all the important questions of the audience and this will help you to earn links.
  • You should consider the audience to which you are presenting your content and also what type of content you are writing and what type of content your audience needs. So it’s important to consider the specific audience and their need.
  • The notions and concepts you are presenting should be coherent and cohesive and the information you are sharing should be linked in a proper manner. This should be important to consider that people who will promote your pages they shall find everything sorted out for them and easy to understand.
  • A good linkable asset will improve the traffic to your website. They tend to increase the reach and invisibility. Here we can say that the refined and impressive content you make, the more you will grow. As it is believed that backlink is deemed as a vote of confidence so if someone links your content on their websites you will reach a completely new audience.

Free Tools:
Asset is another great way to attract a lot of backlinks are free tools and calculator.
Some of the useful illustrations of online tools are colour scheme generator and advertising ROI calculator. They are a few online tools that can be used as linking assets.

Another type of linking asset that is very common nowadays is video. Currently people rarely have time to read a long detailed essay or content. Not everyone has the patience and all the time to read long paragraphs and articles. Videos can cram all the information in a very short period with the help of audio and visuals.

Creating a good linking assets, it is not an easy task. It requires a hard work and patience to create a good content that is in demand. It is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of energy and communication. But it can be achieved by using good skills and attracting people and freely link to the other sites. As we know that back linking is a very important tactic in gaining rank. Do not rush in hurry and give it proper time. You will achieve the best consequences.

Q1. How long linking assets can be useful?

Ans: In-depth content can last the linking assets for a long time. It depends upon the type of content that is linked. You should be creating fresh linking assets on different topics that will increase the chance of ranking too fast.

Q2. Does link building still works?

Ans: Link building is a very important and essential tactic for attracting the audience on your website. Good link-building strategies will help you rank high and prosper more.

Q3. What is the most important element in linking assets?

Ans: The most important elements in linking assets are the best content you create, knowing the audience and the identification of search intent.

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