How to Execute the Skyscraper Technique

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Skyscraper Technique

While applying for the first time, Backlinko’sBrian Dean achieved an astonishing success rate of 11% in 2015. To his surprise, the organic traffic doubled in the next fourteen days, making him coined the term ‘Skyscraper Technique’ that has been an integral part of SEO strategies for quite some time now.

The skyscraper technique is tied in with seeing well known content, coming up with a superior replica, and obtaining backlinks organically to create the perfect entity. The more backlinks your website has the merrier: becomes more powerful and hint at better opportunities for your page to be apparent in Search Engines.

Just like building a skyscraper, this link building strategy depends upon the existing framework, add couple of floors to it turning into the tallest skyscraper. The newest one automatically becomes the most iconic landmark.

If you’re looking for detailed methods to utilize the Skyscraper Technique to get swift results, then you’re in the right place! Read till the end of this article to get a comprehensive overview of the skyscraper technique and how you can use it to your advantage.

Backlinking with Skyscraper Technique:

The Skyscraper Technique is a link building method in which you improve existing popular content and reflect the one-way links.

Here’s the way it works in a nutshell:

  1. Find relatable content
  2. Pen a better copy
  3. Run outreach campaign for the superior contents

Let’s have a deeper look into the tools to simplify the work:

1. Find a Relatable Content:

The first step of Skyscraper is to search relatable contents which have large backlinks. You need to know about KEYWORD RESEARCH. When we search in Google about a specific topic, it suggests us with many content ideas. But to know if the contents have large backlinks, you have to scrutinize them first, using backlinks research tools. Some of the tips include:

Analyze High Ranking Content in Rank Tracker:

This is the first tool that can help us in Skyscraper technique. It is where we manage our keywords. After finding lots of contents with backlinks, switch to the Keyword Map dashboard, and update the Keyword Difficulty tab. Here, you’ll see the top-ranking pages together with the main SEO factors analyzed.

Find Contents with the most Shares:

Content Explorer is a searchable database of over a billion web pages. You can use it to find mentions of any word or phrase.

Since you’re looking for pages with a lot of backlinks, set the minimum “Referring domains” filter to 50. You can also add a language filter (in this case, English) to get only the pages in your target language.

2.    Pen a Better Copy:

Although sound obvious, you need to create high-quality content to get those precious hyperlinks wanted for the skyscraper approach. The top aspect is that you do not need to begin from scratch — you already have a list of correct thoughts, you just need to remodel them into something specific, better, something people would love to link to!

Here are some recommendations on a way to make the content material hundreds of instances better.

Length: If the put-up lists 25 hints, beat it by means of greater list.

Freshness: Check to see if the item is previous. Update it with more recent snapshots, screenshots, information, etc.

Design: Content isn’t just about the phrases; its visual attraction subjects too. Make sure the design stands proud;

Depth: Not only list things out but also fill inside the info and make it actionable.

Work on great Web Page Layout

Sometimes all it takes to win extra hyperlinks is to stay out from the gang by making your posts visually appealing and exceptional. Your options ought to vary from amazing illustrations to reworking a chunk into a video or infographic — whichever one you pick out, make certain that the result is witty, memorable and authentic.

One excellent instance is Search Engine Land’s periodic table of search engine optimization fulfillment factors. It’s in reality no longer new content material – however it is a brand new (witty, memorable and unique) manner of searching at an otherwise unoriginal topic.

What makes Your Content Move Viral?

What makes people care, at least as much as to proportion your content material around and want to hyperlink to it? It all relies upon the industry you’re in, however there’s one element within the “caring” system that never fails — emotion. Studies show that emotional undertones strongly correlate with content material popularity. Emotions like anxiety, awe and anger are most often related to viral content. Not usually an emotion needs to be fine to carry great effect. Instead, it has to captivate your feelings and drive altogether to swap in your interest.

3.   Outreach for Backlinks to the Superior Contents:

The key to a hit execution of the Skyscraper Technique is electronic mail outreach. But in place of spamming every blogger you already know, you reach out to the ones who have already linked to the particular content material you advanced upon.

The idea is this: because they’ve already linked to a comparable article, they’re much more likely to link to one that is higher. Things to endure in thoughts earlier than you rush to ship out masses of emails:

  1. Reach out to people whose websites are relevant for your niche.
  2. Try to be personal — in case you’ve communicated before, make certain to say that.
  3. Always be polite and do not get over-flattering, politeness is quite enough.

Purpose of the Skyscraper Technique:

The motive in the back of the skyscraper technique is to find the exceptional content material around a key-word, create something that’s even better, after which accumulate as many backlinks as you could which can be already linked back to that high-quality piece of content.

By doing that, you’ll get plenty of blessings for your website. First of all, since your new content can be the high-quality one accessible and ranked very highly within the SERPs, you’ll get a hold of a very good amount of organic visitors that can then be transformed to customers, users or subscribers.

With the impressions your content will capture via social shares and interactions, shall give you a significant profile-raise.

Skyscraper Technique as a Powerful Link Building Tactic:

The project with many link constructing tactics is the ability to scale, as well as a few uncertainties around the degree of achievement that you may see. As an instance, broken link-constructing is restricted via the possibilities which might be obtainable. To scale this tactic, you rely upon other websites with broken external hyperlinks that topically align together with your web site.

It is a notable tactic, however you are reliant upon others for it to scale, because of this that is hardly ever feasible. Another popular and proven link-building tactic is virtual PR. And in lots of approaches, there are similarities to the Skyscraper Technique, but PR is commonly all about doing something new to garner attention, and hyperlinks. And the ones outcomes can be incomparable to another tactic, with many digital PR campaigns having previously demonstrated the capability to earn hyperlinks from hundreds, if not heaps, of specific domain names.

But PR isn’t something you may analyze overnight. It takes the maximum skilled PR expert to launch a story that scales like this, and that is what the Skyscraper Technique brings to the table. Anestablished method that you could use to scale hyperlink acquisition and earn nice, editorial hyperlinks by way of making higher what is already deep-rooted to paintings. When we strip it back, it is easy to peer why it really works so well, and that is because you are acknowledging Google’s three important ranking elements:

  • Content
  • Links
  • RankBrain

Without extraordinary content material that RankBrain can recognize as aligning with a searcher’s motive, and great hyperlinks that factor directly to the web page, you’ll conflict to rank and pressure organic visitors. And the Skyscraper Technique helps you to tick all of those bins, creating top-quality copy around a topic and endorsing it so that it earns hyperlinks. As a result, this content ranks at the top of the SERPs and channels traffic.

How to improve your chances of success with the Skyscraper Technique:

For most human beings, the Skyscraper Technique is only a method to stop. The final aim is to rank better in Google and get extra visitors. You need an intention for the quantity of hyperlinks you require. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Take the content you’re making plans to “skyscraper”
  2. Paste it into Site Explorer.
  3. Go to the Organic Keywords record;
  4. Look at the keyword that sends the most traffic to the page.

Concluding Remarks

Now, it’s your turn to speak up! Have you attempted the skyscraper approach yourself? Are you inspired to put it in force on your website? We can be glad to learn how this search engine marketing method works for you. Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments beneath!

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